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Since we are a private Christian classical school, we do not receive any funding from the state or federal government. As an ecumenical school, we do not receive grants or financial support from any single denomination or church. Our capacity to offer the best education in the Mid-Ohio-Valley is solely based on tuition and annual giving. Tuition payments and the incredible generosity of our donors helps support the following essential items: 

  • Curriculum Development 

  • Faculty Development (Including salaries and training)

  • Facility Maintenance 

  • Scholarships 

Annual Tuition Rates

2023 -2024 Tuition Payment Form 


In addition to our tuition, there is an annual student fee in the amount of $50.00 per child. 

*A non-refundable enrollment deposit of $300 secures your child’s spot in the class and is deducted from your tuition balance.

*Parents who voluntarily withdraw their child from Veritas Academy are responsible for the balance of the tuition for the current semester. Prorated refunds are issued for students excused by Veritas Academy.

Payment Plans


Tuition payment plans are available upon request.




Partial scholarship assistance is available on a limited basis dependent on our scholarship fund and financial need.  Please inquire at the admission interview or pick up an application from the headmaster's office at any time. 

School Uniforms


The dress code at Veritas Classical Academy is designed to assist in promoting an atmosphere of learning. We want all of our students to strive for a clean, modest, and attractive appearance. Uniforms are a fundamental part of the school culture at Veritas Classical Academy. They allow our students to focus on the task at hand, learning, and to be free of the peer pressures that fashion trends can create. They also convey to visitors a proper scholarly and respectful appearance.  All students are required to wear uniforms. There will be special occasions during which our students will be permitted to wear non-uniform appropriate attire, suitable to the event. At no time will we use “non-uniform days” as a fundraiser for the school.  Our teachers and staff will also maintain a neat and modest appearance.


Pre-K - 6th Grades Dress Code


In general, girls may wear navy/grey/khaki/plaid skirts or jumpers or navy/khaki/grey pants with a belt and solid color long or short sleeve polos in navy, white, or grey or white blouses. Boys may wear khaki, navy or grey pants with a belt and solid color long or short sleeve polos in navy, white, or grey or white oxford shirts.


7th - 12th Grade Dress Code

Students in the upper school are entering young adulthood and are asked to be good role models for the younger students in conduct, virtue, and appearance.  The upper school uniform is distinguished by a tie and Academy jacket worn daily.  Only upper school students may wear a jacket and tie.

Young ladies may wear navy/grey/khaki/plaid skirts or navy/khaki/grey pants with a belt and a white long or short sleeve blouse with a grey, navy or plaid tie.  All skirts must fall at the middle of the knees or longer. Young men may wear khaki, navy, or grey pants with a belt and a white oxford shirt with grey, navy, or plaid tie.

You can find clothing for school uniform's at Old Navy, French Toast, and Lands' End. Please click here to go to the Lands' End website:

*Non-Discrimination Policy - Veritas Classical Academy admits students of any race, color, and national or ethnic origin.


$4,050 per child. 

Pre-K - Kindergarten

$4,050 per child. 

1st - 8th Grades

$5,650 for the first student and $5,050 for each additional student in grades 1st-8th.

9th - 12th Grades

$6,350 per year, per student. 


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